Meeting Minutes July 2016

CLC Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2016

A regular business meeting was held at Touche in Chicago, IL. The meeting was called to order at 7:26 p.m.

Full Members Present: Threasa, Michael, Angie, Lisa Lac., and N

Full Members Absent: Bob

Quorum was established with 5/6 voting members present.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes from April 23rd were read. It was moved by Michael and seconded by Angie that the minutes be accepted as submitted. Motion carried. The club correspondence was read including a Run Applications from The Cornhaulers and from the Argonauts, Tennessee Leather Tribe and Michigan Lights. The three clubs are holding a joint run this year. Two credit card applications were given to Treasurer Angie.

Treasurer’s Report


Vice President’s Report

Lisa stated that she is very happy to be at the meeting.

President’s Report

Threasa thanked those in attendance for their email participation and current business.

Outreach/Travel Report

About 10 people from the leather community showed up at Renaissance Faire on July 9th.

Website Report

The CLC website and Facebook page are still up and running. Michael will teach how to post things to the new WordPress website next month.

Old Business

Angie got a quote from Shane for $155. for 20 small patches. It was moved by Michael and seconded by Threasa that Angie purchase the patches. Motion carried. Large leather patches will cost $75.00. Natalie will count how many large patches are available. Then, the next time we need one, we will discuss how to proceed. When a member pays for a patch, it is a demonstration of their commitment to the club. This discussion was tabled.

Cornhaulers Run-CLC is confirmed for a Friday night cocktail party and will serve the blue cocktail with OJ blue caracao, vodka, etc… T will put together a raffle basket together with Dr. Who stuff. Lisa offered to help pay for the cocktail party. Michael is bringing a xxx saw. 5/6 members are planning to attend.

Angie’s Women’s Leather Cruise is held at Touche in Chicago 8pm-10pm on the first Tuesday of each month. The cruise has been successful.

New Business

CLC club money for the Cornhaulers raffle vs. member donation was discussed. It was decided that the party will be funded out of the members’ pockets.

CLC 15th Anniversary 2017-All members must bring ideas to the August 14 meeting. The deadline for this decision will be the August meeting. Ideas included a Run, a Dash, an Event a Bash, etc…

The August CLC meeting was moved to Sunday August 14. (see times below)

It was moved by Michael and seconded by Lisa that the meeting be adjourned at 8:22 p.m. Motion carried.

Future Dates

August 14 3:00 CLC Word Press Workshop at LA&M, 4:00 Business meeting at LA&M, 5:00 Social Time at Touche

September 9-11 CLC to Cornhaulers

October 1 CLC 6:30

November 12 CLC 6:30

December 11 AGM 3:00